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About Us

The International Humaniversity Therapist Association Netherlands (IHTAN) is the regulatory body for Humaniversity Therapists
The Humaniversity

The Humaniversity is an international institute for therapy and professional education based in the Netherlands. The therapeutic work of the Humaniversity aims to guide people on a journey of becoming more conscious about themselves, their inner world and their relationships.


The Humaniversity was founded in 1978 by Veeresh D. Yuson-Sánchez, an innovative therapist and teacher who became well known internationally for his work in the Human Potential Movement. He is also the founder of Humaniversity Therapy, a blend of Eastern and Western psychology that is uniquely taught within a dynamic communal living environment.


Premdip Marie-Anne Simon is the joint executive director and has final responsibility of the Humaniversity. Chandrika U. Carrivick-Zimmermann is the joint executive director and trains Humaniversity therapists. 

The Humaniversity is registered with CRKBO (Central Register for Vocational Education), Netherlands.

Humaniversity Therapist Training

All IHTAN members are trained in Humaniversity therapy and have completed a minimum of 4 years part-time training involving a thorough blend of personal exploration and clinical supervision, assisting and co-leading therapeutic groups with staff members at the Humaniversity. This provides a thorough experience and grounding in personal empowerment, interpersonal relating, primal and early childhood work, Bioenergetics and bodywork, sensitivity and sexuality work, encounter and communication skills, various emotional release techniques, counseling skills and a variety of meditation practices.


Humaniversity Facilitators complete an additional year of residential studies in communal therapy that includes ongoing supervision of both their personal growth as individuals and their clinical therapeutic interventions. Members can also train and specialize in Sexuality, Encounter and Addiction Specialist studies.

In addition to this extensive training, final graduation is dependent on the individual’s own personal growth and ability to demonstrate the integration and application of their learning into their own lives as well as in the clinical work they do with others.

Humaniversity Therapists undertake two further years of advanced studies and training.


Humaniversity Consultants a further four years of training, specializing in their field of therapy.


A detailed program curriculum is available for download here.


For more information about the education of Humaniversity Therapists click here

IHTAN Qualified Members are students who graduated either as Humaniversity Therapists or Humaniversity Consultants.
IHTAN Prospective Members are students who graduated either as Humaniversity Facilitators or as Graduates of the 4 year Therapist Training.
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